How much space do I need to play Mini Indoor Golf?

What's great about the game, is you can play in a small 10 ft X 10 ft room and perfect your wedge game and putting, or play throughout the house hitting from room to room and over various obstacles, like hitting over and around couches and chairs!  Hitting from the top of the stairs down to the green, makes for a challenging final hole!

Will this game make me a better real golfer?

Although, we can't guarantee this will shave strokes off your score out on the course, learning the different clubs and rules of the game, are the same in this game.  So, this can help a new golfer in getting more familiar with the game of golf...... We also have a little joke "This helps with your short game" (Since the shot maker golfer is a little over 6 inches tall!)

Do you ship international?

Yes we do! However, please contact with your address to ship to before purchasing.  We offer free shipping for U.S. shipments, but we will have to charge a nominal fee for the extra shipping costs incurred to other countries.

What are the balls made of?

The driving and hitting white balls are made out of Styrofoam, so they won't damage that  fragile TV, windows, and lamps.  You are safe there!  However, the putting yellow balls are a hard plastic, almost like a marble, and are to stay on the green.